Thursday, January 29, 2009

Leftovers For Tomorrow's Strawberry Grand Marnier Trifle

After I made the chocolate trifle, I wanted to do some sort of a strawberry version. This is what I came up with... it's enough to make one large & one mini trifle. (I learned this the hard way when my trifle got a little too tall too fast! I had to do some reconstructive surgery for the photo op...)

Strawberry Cake Mix
Grand Marnier
Pineapple chunks
Vanilla pudding (2 boxes)
Mini Nilla Wafers
Cool Whip
Ghiridelli white chocolate chips
Large Ghiridelli white chocolate bar (To use for shavings for the top, as well as breaking into small pieces.)

I layered the strawberry cake at the bottom, and poured 1/3 cup Grand Marnier on it. The next layer is strawberry and pineapple chunks, with some white chocolate chips and mini Nilla wafers. Next is a layer of pudding; each box of pudding is made with 1/3 Grand Marnier and 2/3 cup light cream. (You can use heavy cream, but it is not necessary; I haev tried it both ways.) Next is a layer of Cool Whip, and back to another layer of cake with Grand Marnier, etc. At the very top, I shaved most of a Ghiridelli white chocolate bar & broke up the rest into chunks for a garnish.

I'll be adding more photos as soon as possible of two trifles I made for a holiday party in December. The Strawberry version was the same as this recipe & for the Chocolate version, I added one layer of white chocolate pudding (I don't like more than one layer of Cool Whip, I have decided) & I also mixed some strawberries into the chocolate pudding & garnished the top with a circle of strawberries around the perimieter. I just have to wait for a friend to email the pics to me.